Beyond The Caution Tape is a heavy hitting program is a unique opportunity to literally take offenders and at risk young people, Beyond The Caution Tape and show them real and actual consequences others have suffered from the same risky behavior the offenders have shown.stock-vector-male-hands-in-steel-handcuffs-with-thug-life-tattoo-black-and-white-illustration-isolated-on-white-232677679

Beyond The Caution Tape (BTCT) will cover the consequences of risky behavior including reckless driving, drug and alcohol use, suicide, violence, accidents and gang affiliation. BTCT also includes an educational tour of the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office where participants will be exposed to the covered bodies of people who died as a result of the very same behaviors presented during the class. This high impact class will also show participants where bodies are brought in and stored while awaiting their grieving families to make funeral arrangements.