BTCT will initially be offered monthly and expanded as needed. Classes will take place during the early evenings and/or on Saturdays and will include Spanish classes. All rules will be strictly enforced. Thus, persons arriving late will not be accommodated. The class is a mandatory part of alternative sentencing for both juvenile and adult courts in which the Probation Department or the Judge determines the suitability of the program for each offender. BTCT is also available on a separate class meeting for non-offenders. images-2

However, all offenders are responsible for arranging their own appointments after sentencing and must have an indemnity and hold harmless agreement” signed (by a parent or legal guardian for juveniles). Adult and juvenile classes will be held separately as will non-offenders.imagesUpon completion of BTCT, all class participants are given a certificate of completion, which is to be presented to the court and/or Probation Officer.