JUVENILE REGISTRATION COST: $50.00 CASH ONLY.  No Show? Add another $50.00 on your next registration. *You’ve been mandated to complete this class- show up. ADDRESS: 5570 Overland Avenue, San Diego, Ca, 92123 (San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office) *Parking in front of the building (not in the parking structure or thru gates) BRING COMPLETED INDEMNIFICATION FORM.  (must be signed by a parent or legal guardian). To print, click here. START: Registration: 5:30pm. Class Begins: 6:00pm. DO NOT BE LATE. END: 8:00pm. (No early release: AUTOMATIC INCOMPLETE issued if you leave early). ATTIRE: No opened shoes, shorts, capris, crop pants, no yoga pants, tank tops, bare midriffs, hats. NO beepers or cellular phones. ATTENDANCE WILL BE DENIED FOR INAPPROPRIATE ATTIRE. TO REGISTER, please call (619) 368-4220. Juvenile class available for registration:

Tuesday August 20, 2019

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