Beyond The Caution Tape was created in 2008 as part of both the San Diego Police Department and San Diego Sheriffs Department’s diversion programs. It is designed to give REAL and ACTUAL consequences others have suffered from the same risky behaviors the offenders have shown.

Where does BTCT get the photos show during the presentation?

Beyond The Caution Tape has a court order releasing the photos we use in our program for the purpose of this very important and highly impactful program. No victims are identifiable as the faces and identifying marks such as tattoos are blacked out. During the tour of the Medical Examiner’s Office, all bodies are in closed, vinyl bags.

Is BTCT unique to San Diego?

No. BTCT is not unique to San Diego County as there are similar programs in Los Angeles County, San Mateo County, Orange County and also Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who is “DUNAMAI Ministries” and what do they have to do with BTCT?

Oversight is done by DUNAMAI Ministries Inc., a public benefit 501 (c)3 with California Corporate Number C2363488. This is a public benefit corporation. BTCT is striving towards complete self-sustaining status and the monies collected will be used within the county Medical Examiner’s Office and in the Medical Examiner Bereavement Center, which assists families by covering the costs of cremations when families are unable to cover the cost themselves. To date, 350 cremations have been provided, free of charge to families in need, 30,000 grief booklets that assist in guiding grieving families through the practical steps which need to be taken after a tragic loss. NO funds have ever been paid to any DUNAMAI volunteer. There are also NO employees of DUNAMAI; all work is done by a team of volunteers.

Who can benefit from BTCT?

Any offender. Classes are divided into two separate segments; juvenile offenders and adult offenders. BTCT is suitable for all risky behavior offenders as a high-impact, graphic illustration of the potential consequences of their conduct. Although graphic, the content is meant to give a very realistic example of the consequences offenders before them have suffered.

Can anyone attend BTCT?

Beyond the Caution Tape is open to any juvenile or adult using or influenced by drugs, hanging out with the “wrong crowd” or exhibiting any “at risk” behavior and may provide the ultimate opportunity to offer a “wakeup call” to those that may need a change of direction.

Please contact BTCT by calling Beyond the Caution Tape at 619-368-4220